About Us


With 50 years combined experience, the Valcon Homes team spearheaded by directors, Jason Doerr and Tim Douglas have created a pragmatic and service-focused, quality domestic construction and development company.

The team’s expertise in the residential home market means the commitment to providing a hands on approach that ensures great customer service is achieved with every build. Meeting all the best practice procedures guarantees that each Valcon built home is not only of the highest quality, but built according to short timelines. You’ll be home sooner with Valcon Homes.

Valcon Homes provides high quality building services and turn-­key residential homes with real peace of mind for our East Coast customers.


Above all, instilling trust is Valcon Homes’ key motivator. The home design that a client signs off is the home that they will open the door to at the end of construction. And because we don’t believe in cutting corners, our aim with every home is to build to the highest quality standard while remaining on budget, on time, every time. Valcon Homes is dedicated to building excellence without compromise.


There are many stages, and many hands that help turn a building site and a Valcon Home into something special. Through detailed project management and an open line of communication with contractors and our clients, we are able to implement systems that ensure quality of build, every time.


Valcon Homes, as a member of the Master Builders Association, ensures that the company is at the head of industry changes, values and expectations. By following their nationally recognised code of conduct, the work of Valcon Homes has won a number of awards in recent years, and are proud to hold association with the level of professionalism in outcome that the Master Builders Association expect and reward.

Valcon Homes Housing Industry Association Member


The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is Australia’s largest residential building organisation and the voice of Australia’s home building industry. Members include builders, trade contractors, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers.