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About Us

The Company

Valcon Homes is a privately owned award winning building company with more than 50 years’ combined experience within the construction industry.

The team’s expertise in the residential home market means the commitment to providing a hands on approach that ensures great customer service is achieved with every build. Meeting all the best practice procedures guarantees that each Valcon built home is to the highest quality and promised build times. You will be in your home sooner with Valcon Homes.

Valcon Homes

The Directors

Tim Douglas and Jason Doerr are the founding Directors of Valcon Homes, Tim and Jason have complimentary experience, making for a perfect partnership.

Tim Douglas has extensive experience in the property development and real estate industry. With many years at PRD Nationwide Realty as Special Projects Manager, Tim obtained invaluable experience in development finance, new business strategies and marketing. Tim is exceptionally skilled in delivering comprehensive and successful residential projects from luxury apartment buildings to large scale Land developments.

Jason Doerr’s background is building and construction, successfully completing an Advanced Diploma in Project Management, an Advanced Diploma in Building and his Carpentry Trade Certificate with honours. Jason’s work history covers all types of residential construction as well as commercial including major projects in South East Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Jason has acquired a broad understanding of all facets of construction. He is recognised for providing innovative and insightful solutions to difficult projects being able to offer numerous options to clients.


Our Structure is set with service in mind, we proactively increase all requirements to suit future activity levels.  To ensure we deliver on our service commitments, we stay ahead of the game.

Australasian Homes has nine departments so that all aspects of the building process are managed in-house.  All queries can be dealt with immediately, and the home owner can communicate directly with the relevant department to ensure a timely outcome.

We employ approximately 60 staff within the below departments:

  • Design and Drafting
  • Estimating and Procurement
  • Construction
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Service and Administration

Awards & Accolades

2009 Master Builders – Lifestyle Housing for Seniors Up to $8 Million

2010 Master Builders – Lifestyle Housing for Seniors Up to $8 Million

2011 Master Builders – Individual Home $1 Million to $2 Million QLD State Winner

2012 Master Builders – Best Kitchen

2013 Master Builders – Individual Home $1.5 Million to $2 Million

2016 Master Builders – Home Renovation/Remodeling Project $576,000 to $1 Million

2016 HIA Gold Coast – Renovation/Addition $300,000 to $600,000

2017 Master Builders – Individual Home $451,000 to $550,000

2017 Master Builders – Home Renovation/Remodeling Project over $1 Million

2017 HIA Gold Coast – Renovation/Additional Project $600,000 to $1 Million

2019 Master Builders – Individual Home $251,000 to $350,000

2019 HIA Gold Coast – Custom Built Home $551,000 to $650,000

2019 Master Builders – Community Accommodation for Aged Care & Nursing Home

2019 HIA Gold Coast – Speciality Housing


The Valcon team is devoted to making the home building journey a smooth and enjoyable experience


Above all, instilling trust is Valcon Homes’ key motivator. The home design that a client signs off is the home that they will open the door to at the end of construction. And because we don’t believe in cutting corners, our aim with every home is to build to the highest quality standard while remaining on budget, on time, every time. Valcon Homes is dedicated to building excellence without compromise.


There are many stages, and many hands that help turn a building site and a Valcon Home into something special. Through detailed project management and an open line of communication with contractors and our clients, we are able to implement systems that ensure quality of build, every time.


Valcon Homes, as a member of the Master Builders Association, ensures that the company is at the head of industry changes, values and expectations. By following their nationally recognised code of conduct, the work of Valcon Homes has won a number of awards in recent years, and are proud to hold association with the level of professionalism in outcome that the Master Builders Association expect and reward.


The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is Australia’s largest residential building organisation and the voice of Australia’s home building industry. Members include builders, trade contractors, design professionals, kitchen and bathroom specialists, manufacturers and suppliers.