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Why Windows Matter When Building A Home

Why Windows Matter When Building A Home

Building a home is more than just location and interior design, it’s important for your house design to be stylish, yes, but more importantly, it needs to be functional. And one such factor to be sure that you get right is that of window positioning.

When done right, window placement significantly improves your comfort and lifestyle, and can be the key to enjoying your home’s character.

There are three main aspects to a home that are affected by window placement, namely;

Overall Aesthetics (from inside AND outside)

With window placement, you have to consider what it is you will see from both inside the house as well as outside.  In architecture it’s called ‘Site Embrace’ – this takes into consideration your location and surroundings.

The windows in your home (just like your eyes) help capture natural elements of the outside world like trees, mountains, and sweeping vistas and bring them into your home.

It’s a given that your windows need to be designed to suit your house style, but it’s equally important to factor in your location and what view’s the windows will display, for example if you have street-facing windows, these need to be positioned so that there is no direct sightline into the rooms yet still allowing for sufficient light to come through. Or in areas where sightline is not a concern, the windows can be bigger/wider to take advantage of light and views.

Rooms with high ceilings benefit from windows placed higher up, smaller rooms work best with windows placed at a sill height or closer to the floor (creating the illusion of more space)



Natural Light & Thermal Control

Everything in nature is attracted to light, and we are no exception. When building a home and thinking about window placement, you need to think about where the light falls and where it doesn’t. Well-placed windows will fill your house with natural light, bringing warmth into your rooms and adding to the aesthetics by “opening up” space.

Realistically, not everyone will be able to position their homes perfectly to capture their desired amount of natural light, this is where smart design and correct positioning of windows comes in.

Letting in natural light is not only visually pleasing, it also plays a part in keeping your rooms at an optimal temperature, meaning you get to save on electricity bills – the easiest and cheapest way to add more light into your home is with well positioned windows – more light also means slightly warmer rooms, so it is important to ensure that your windows are appropriately orientated and insulated.

Master builders like Valcon Homes offer a wide variety of customisable single storey & double storey house designs to suit a range of locations as well as quality options for proper insulation to maintain comfort.


The Australian climate is notoriously warm and in Queensland it particularly hot and humid, so it is important to have a properly ventilated home. You can appropriately refresh a room by simply opening a window or two.  Having windows on opposing ends helps air to be carried straight through your home.

Our range of house designs have been cleverly designed to beautifully and effectively utilise window positioning to build homes you’ll love to live in.

If you’re still not sure of where your windows should go, the team at Valcon Homes can help.



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