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Choosing Your Ideal Facade – Give Your New Home Street Appeal

Choosing Your Ideal Facade – Give Your New Home Street Appeal

First impressions last, and a well-designed house façade makes the ultimate first impression. It is, after all, the ‘face’ of your home and an expression of your (your family’s) individuality. Not only does a good house façade give your home knockout street appeal, but a well-designed façade plays a huge part in the value of your home which can increase your opportunities for re-sale in the future.

When choosing your façade, it comes down to two main things;

  • Your personal taste – that serves to guide the aesthetics
  • Your Budget – that will dictate the overall design

In addition to the above, you need to consider your home design, your personal style and tastes and also the location. And as with all things in life – balance is key!

When it comes to deciding on a façade and achieving the look you want, it’s helpful to have a couple of aspects top of mind.

Here are our top tips of factors to think about when choosing your ideal façade.

The Right Style

Think about the ‘look’ that you want – is it Modern, Traditional, Queenslander, Hamptons, Industrial or something in between perhaps. The style you choose will essentially guide and impact the other elements that make up the façade. While it is important to consider your location surroundings and even other homes in your street, your home facade can be as unique or as bold as you desire. YOU must love the home you live in.   Valcon Homes has an expansive selection of facades to choose for your new home, ready to build your vision to life.

The Colour Pallet,

Choosing the colours for your façade is very exciting, it’s where you can showcase your unique sense of style. While it may seem like a good idea to choose colours that are ‘in style’ now, you want to be smart about your decision as especially for the long term and the re-sale potential.

As a starting point for colour selection, choose a base colour with longevity – think about tones that are easy to maintain yet still tie into the overall aesthetics and give your home a stylish look. Something too bold or eclectic might become dated sooner. Don’t fear though, you aren’t limited in adding your own creative flair to your home, implementing accent colours to external fixtures (doors, windows and feature walls) is a great way to add a splash of colour to your façade.



The Materials

Selecting the correct materials for your façade is of the utmost importance, particularly if maintenance is not your favourite pass time. If you’re unsure about what certain materials will look like, have a look at various display home and for a look at how certain materials last you can drive around a few neighbourhoods to get inspiration and also a clearer understanding of longevity. With your façade, it literally is all about the look, and not just how it looks right now but also how it will look in the years to come.

The materials you choose are another great way to reflect your own personal style and preferences and adds texture to your house design – giving your home that sought-after street appeal.

The colour and texture of the materials can be strategically placed in order to create focal points on your façade, these focal points can create that ‘wow factor’ and make your new home stand out from the rest.

Create a home that you’re proud to return to each day.

To find your perfect single-storey or double-storey home design and a façade to suit your lifestyle AND your taste, explore the Valcon Homes designs.



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